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Achtung, Baby! New Edition in Germany Features Masters and Johnson in Der Spiegel; See the mag's iPad video too!

Over in Germany, the work of Herr Maier is getting an expansive review in the current edition of Der Spiegel, the leading European newsweekly. (Unfortunately, Herr Maier wasn't a whiz in German... or French or Spanish for that matter... so I don't know what they're saying about the book, but I'm assured it's good.) What is also interesting is the video for Der Spiegel's iPad version that accompanies this article.

This just in from Hamburg, an English translation (more or less):
"God, I was so insensitive?"

By Frank Thadeusz

The Sexforscher William Masters and Virginia Johnson clarified once the prudish America. A biography reveals the tense life of the couple.
Honorable intentions led the American gynecologist William Masters in the fifties in peep shows and brothels. The professor drew the prospect of solving one of the great mysteries of mankind - at least for the male part: What takes place in the female orgasm really from?
Behind the mirror walls hi…

Call out the FBI! Oliver Stone, "Wall Street" auteur, has ties to "The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings." Is Book Better Than the Movie?

Part of the fun of watching the trailer to Oliver Stone's new sequel to "Wall Street", his 1987 film, is knowing that some scenes were filmed at Fordham University in the Bronx, my alma mater. **
This trailer below looks pretty juicy. And the fact that one of the protagonists in this drama is a business student at Fordham makes it more amusing to me.

I've always had an interest in Oliver Stone's work, far more than just the Fordham film clip. Stone's wildly entertaining film, "JFK" is now being sold on DVD along with a Warner Home Video documentary based on my 2003 book, "The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings". My book was also re-issued in an updated 2008 paperback edition as well as on Kindle.
**Fordham is more than just my alma mater. It's the lovely campus where my two youngest sons are now attending business school. Their older brother also has a Fordham b-school degree and my wife has an MBA from Fordham's Graduate School …