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More Coverage of "Masters of Sex" In 2014; Wall Street Journal Talks About Translating Book Into TV Show

The coverage about "Masters of Sex" continues into 2014, with Season Two soon about to begin filming. This spring, Sony is expected to release the DVD boxset of Season 1. But of course, fans of the show can right now learn a lot more by reading the book, comparing and contrasting things.
   Here's a recent Wall Street Journal article, a recent radio interview, and links to the writing of "Masters of Sex" contained within a terrific profile of showrunner Michelle Ashford. Congrats to all!

    Seeing his biography of sex researchers Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson turned into a Showtime television series was like winning the lottery, writer Thomas Maier said, though he had to be convinced that the TV offer was better than proposals to make a movie of it. Maier, who has been a reporter at the Long Island, N.Y., newspaper Newsday for 30 years, said he had two or three serious offers to turn his 2009 book, “Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of …