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Washington University To Recognize 50th Anniversary of Masters and Johnson with Seminar Featuring Showtime Series Based on Biography

Next week, Washington University in St. Louis for the first time formally recognizes the work of Masters and Johnson with an on-campus seminar about their legacy. This event marks the 50th anniversary of their first book and arguably the start of America's so-called 'sexual revolution'. It features showrunner Michelle Ashford, the creator of the Showtime series MASTERS OF SEX, which is based on my biography of the two researchers.“Sex in America, Then and Now: The Lasting Legacy of Masters and Johnson". 

Thomas Maier and Michelle AshfordA half-century ago, American societal beliefs about sex, and the medical establishment’s understanding of the term and all it implies, were changed forever with the publication of “Human Sexual Response.”The findings, based on the unique methodology of two Washington University researchers — William Masters and Virginia Johnson — sent shock waves through the nation and provided impetus for the cultural upheaval begun in the 1960s and wh…