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Masters of Sex Ends Its Run After 4 Seasons. Drama Based on My Book Won Several Honors, including Emmy Win, Golden Globe Best Drama Nom, and Worldwide Audience

After four wonderful seasons, Masters of Sex -- the drama based on my biography of Masters and Johnson -- has ended its run on Showtime. I got the call yesterday from executive producer Sarah Timberman and showrunner Michelle Ashford and thanked them for everything, especially their many kindnesses to me and my family.
Masters of Sex was viewed in more than 20 countries and brought a whole new audience for the book, which was reprinted in several languages, including Spanish, French, Portugese and Chinese. Indeed, while talking to a group of journalists at the United Nation this month, a reporter from Taiwan told me how popular MoS is in China. 
Despite this sad news, I'm incredibly proud of what Masters of Sex achieved. Since its debut in September 2013, Masters of Sex has received numerous critical honors including an Emmy win for Allison Janney, a Golden Globe nomination for best drama, Emmy nominations for Lizzy Caplan and Beau Bridges, and critical acclaim for Michael Sheen a…

Washington University Celebrates Masters and Johnson 50th Anniversary with Tribute to Showtime Series and Book.

Washington University in St. Louis sends along these photos from the 50th Anniversary celebration of Masters and Johnson held there earlier this month. It featured myself and Michelle Ashford, the showrunner for Showtime's Masters of Sex, the Emmy-winning drama based on my bio of the two researchers. 
For years, Wash U shunned Masters and Johnson and didn't make any mention of them in the university's history book. I'm delighted to say the success of the TV show and book prompted the university to embrace M&J's legacy, arguably the most remarkable scientific endeavor ever conducted there. The Wash U folks were very hospitable and I'm particularly grateful to Prof. Susan Stiritz for prompting this tribute. I was delighted to be on stage with Michelle who just finished editing Season 4's finale. Hopefully Showtime approves a fifth and final season.