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"All That Glitters" to be Bravo Miniseries Based on Award-Winning Book

Delighted to announce ALL THAT GLITTERS has been given a greenlight as a six-hour mini-series for BRAVO. I'm teaming again with my Masters of Sex exec producer Judith Verno at Sony and with the wonderful Gale Anne Hurd ("Walking Dead") to put this all together!

 It all began as an article for Newsday's Sunday magazine that piqued my interest in doing a book about S.I. Newhouse Jr.'s glittering media empire. Newhouse really was the king of culture in NYC at the time. Later, the late great New York Newsday editor Don Forst ran a four-day series based on excerpts from the book, which was quite controversial at the time. The Times hated the book, the WashPost liked it, and Liz Smith loved it and devoted her whole column to it. I won the Frank Luther Mott Award for best media book, a prize that heroes of mine like Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr, David Halberstam and Meyer Berger had won in the past.
So yes, much of the TV drama will focus on the so-called rivalry between Tina…

British Spying in New York -- How Churchill and British MI6 Kept an Eye on Joe Kennedy in pre WII America.

I'm not given any credence to President Trump's claim of British spying in Manhattan. But if true, it wouldn't be the first time. For  my 2014 book WHEN LIONS ROAR: The Churchills and the Kennedys," I found British National Archives files that reveal  surveillance reports on former U.S. Amb. Joseph P. Kennedy's activities in America after he returned home from London. The British spy agency MI6, with Churchill's approval, kept an office for covert spying inside Manhattan's Rockefeller Center. British  agents collected reports about Kennedy who was an outspoken opponent of U.S. entry into World War II. Churchill and the British spy agency were concerned with Kennedy's impact on American public opinion. One of those who kept an eye on Kennedy was British actor Douglas Fairbanks in Hollywood.

Here's an excerpt from "WHEN LIONS ROAR" that mentions it...

Chapter 25

“The Masters of Our Fate”

“Men are not prisoners of fate,
but only prisoners of t…

This Trump-Vatican connection isn't the first.

This Vatican connection to an American presidency isn't the first. My books on the Kennedys examined the impact of religion and cultural background on JFK's presidency-- a different approach from the usual examination of "presidential character" through the dominant Freudian influences of the mid-20th Century. My two books particularly looked the remarkable exchanges between JFK's father Joe Kennedy and Count Enrico Galeazzi, the Vatican's top administrator for Pope Pius XII,and how it affected events with FDR in 1936, the CIA's Allen Dulles in 1958 and of course the 1960 presidential race against Richard Nixon. David Nasaw and I discussed this at the JFK Library back in 2014. There are a lot of little historical gems to find with this approach. For instance, read in WHEN LIONS ROAR how Joe Kennedy was pushing FDR in 1940 to tap into the Vatican intelligence network of concordats to find out more about Nazi Germany's spreading influence. Or how Joe wro…