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One lucky ride as a Newsday reporter

Today is my last news article for Newsday, a print-TV investigation about the high cost of police misconduct. It's on the front page, ironically just like my first in 1984. This month, I began my 40th year by joining Newsday's editorial board, and next year, I look forward to a new Paramount TV show based on my last book, a brand new nonfiction book coming out in the spring and also a new novel next summer. But today it is fun to look back at my time as a reporter at Newsday, where I did more investigations of all sorts and sizes than anyone in the paper's history, and realize how fortunate I've been. Back in 1984, Bob Greene recruited me from the Chicago Sun-Times and I wound up the last member of Bob's famous investigations "Greene Team" before he retired in 1992. Along the way, I worked on many other investigations for New York Newsday, and the Long Island, business, national, Health and science desks. Generally, I preferred to do multi-part investigat

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