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OPINION/ EDITORIALS: Knock, knock: Time to open our doors to a sense of community

 Here's my latest Sunday editorial, please subscribe to Newsday. OPINION EDITORIALS Knock, knock: Time to open our doors to a sense of community By The Editorial Board August 12, 2023 6:00 am Sometimes comedians are the most perceptive observers of our society. For instance, Sebastian Maniscalco, whose standup sessions are the rage on Netflix, tells how we’ve changed in the way we greet people from the community when they knock on our door.  “It’s a different feeling when your doorbell rings today as opposed to 20 years ago, right?” says Maniscalco, a Chicagoan who could easily be mistaken for a native Long Islander. “Twenty years ago, [when] your doorbell rang, that was a happy moment in your house.”   Back then, Maniscalco says, you eagerly greeted surprise visitors with pound cake from Entenmann's, made a pot of Sanka to drink, and chatted through the night.  Now, when there’s a knock at the door, the people inside go into a security high alert. “Get the hell down, somebody’

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