Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ted Kennedy's Endorsement of Obama was Pivotal Moment in Primary Season

When Sen. Edward Kennedy supported Barack Obama, instead of his old political allies, the Clintons, the Democratic primary campaign took a dramatic turn. Though the Kennedys were split among their support (RFK Jr. and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend favored Hillary Clinton), the very public support for Obama by JFK's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, and his brother, Ted, attracted attention around the world. Here's a British report that captured that attention abroad.

Another Kennedy Conspiracy

In the National Review Online (Oh, where have you gone, William F. Buckley?), Kathryn Jean Lopez floats the idea that Barack Obama selected Caroline Kennedy as a prelude to some future U.S. Supreme Court nomination. And she suggests all of this subterfuge is some payback for Caroline's NY Times column that endorsed the Illinois Senator and likened him to her father and to the old days of Camelot. Sounds a little too conspiratorial to these ears, but who knows if this may lead yet to a politicall career by President Kennedy's daughter?