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Terms of Endearment: What were the Conditions Between Masters and Johnson? Read the Book Excerpt and Listen to the Actors Playing Them

What were the terms and conditions when the sexual relationship between Masters and Johnson began? Read the excerpt from "Masters of Sex" about the real-life Bill and Gini, and then listen to what Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen say about their roles in last week's episode.

Here's a short excerpt from the book on this issue:      One night, after the last research subjects departed, Dr. Masters and his female associate disrobed and, atop the single bed with green hospital sheets, acted out the physiology responses they were seeking to comprehend. Not yet thirty-five, Virginia Johnson could not have been more appealing to her boss—a sensuous woman full of verve and emancipation, yet attentive to every detail and eager to please at the office. With his little bow tie unraveled and his starched white shirt undone, Bill possessed the stout body of a former athlete who had kept himself in shape over the years. In this moment, he knew exactly what he wanted to do and did it w…