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How Boris Johnson Ignores History When He Claims Churchill Would Have Favored Brexit; Read This 1933 Scene from 'When Lions Roar' where Winston Pushes for the 'Sterling Dollar'

When Boris Johnson says Winston Churchill would be pro-Brexit, he ignores history. He obviously didn't read this scene with Winston, FDR's son James and Joe Kennedy at Chartwell in 1933 from WHEN LIONS ROAR (also in Martin Gilbert's accounts):

Churchill, gazing at young Roosevelt, admitted quite candidly his ambition. “I wish to be Prime Minister and in close and daily communication by telephonewith the President of the United States,” he declared without hesitation. “There is nothing we could not do if we were together.”
Churchill then motioned to his secretary to bring him a piece of paper. On it, he etched the British sterling pound insignia and then intertwined it with the American dollar symbol. He drew the union of the two with a great flourish.
“Pray, bear this to your father from me,” Churchill beseeched to the president’s son. “Tell him this must be the currency of the future.”
Jimmy looked perplexed. “What will you call this new currency, sir?” he asked.
“The sterling…