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VIDEO: Ted Kennedy's 'Last Hurrah'- Commentators and Editorials Around the World

Commentators around the world described Sen. Edward Kennedy's surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention, overcoming illness to make what many believe might be his last hurrah before his party. Here's a short sampling:

David S. Broder, The Washington Post:
When Ted Kennedy made his dramatic appearance before the Democratic National Convention delegates Monday night, the ovation he received was more than a personal tribute. It was a celebration of almost half a century of his history at these gatherings. Going back to 1960, he has been a vivid presence at these conclaves, just as he was Monday night when the party long dominated by the Kennedy clan paid tribute to the elder statesman now stricken with brain cancer. Only twice has he missed a convention -- in 1964, when he was recovering from injuries suffered in a plane crash, and four years later, after Robert F. Kennedy's assassination -- and both times the Kennedy family was a subtext to what went on.
Chris …

VIDEO: Caroline Kennedy Talks about Ted Kennedy, JFK, Obama and Her Own Political Future

All of the intriguing political stories from the Dem's Convention seem to come from New York. What is Hillary going to do in the Senate, what is Bill going to do in Chappaqua and Harlem? But the biggest mystery of all may be the political future, if any, of Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President Kennedy, who helped convince her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, to come out early and forcefully for Barack Obama. How much influence did Caroline, on the Obama search committee for VP, have on the selection of Joe Biden? And more importantly, what political plum might she be eyeing for all her hard political work?