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End of Culture As We Know It - Mainstream Media Is Quoting This Blog! NY Mag Ups the Ante In Exchange of Pleasantries

There's a first time for everything -- and this is the first time this blog has made news! Well, sort of. NEW YORK MAGAZINE not only called "Newhouse" an "excellent" biography two weeks ago in its profile of Si Newhouse, but it went on this week to quote this blog in its comments page. Can The New York Times and Foreign Affairs be far behind?

Comments: Week of June 15, 2009

1. “Terrifically insightful”—that’s how the blogger and biographer Thomas Maier described Steve Fishman’s profile of Si Newhouse, the patriarch of Condé Nast (“Si Newhouse’s Dream Factory,” June 8). Such positive sentiments were echoed throughout the blogosphere, where there was much praise for the poignancy of the portrait. Some also took the Condé Nast impresario to task for living in the past. On, one commenter wrote, “As someone who works in print media, I wish Si & Co. would put their creative zest to work embracing digital media rather than clinging to the tired and broken …

Hot Books, Cool Review

by Drew Coffey
Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William
Masters and Virginia Johnson, the Couple Who
Taught America How To Love by Thomas Maier,
Basic Books, 2009. This history of William
Masters and Virginia Johnson ran the risk of
falling between two schools: tawdry descriptions
of the sex volunteers, the couple’s
therapy, the electrodes connected to this or
that... or a dry description of the researchers
themselves. Surprisingly and admirably,
both sides of the story are given their due
here. The research, while rigorous and fairly
objective, is quite racy; the researchers, while
prim in their lab coats, are quite passionate.
Temperature rating: hot and dry—think Arizona.