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Child Obesity and American Diet - Dr. Spock Warned Long Ago of Kids Drinking Whole Milk, Eating High Cholesterol Foods; Once More, Old Ben Is Right!

Ten years after his 1998 death, Dr. Benjamin Spock is still at the vanguard of American child-rearing advice. His very early and very forceful advocacy of reducing the amount of whole milk and fatty foods in the diets of kids was met in the 1990s with a howl of disapproval, ranging from the dairy industry to fellow doctors.
Now, lo and behold!, the American Academy of Pediatrics is issued much stronger concerns about childhood obesity, the cholesterol in their diets, and the long-term health dangers it poses. This is an extraordinarily important public health issue -- just think of all those swimming pools this summer with kids with rolls of fat around their middle -- and Dr. Spock's advocacy helped paved the way. Like much of Spock's advice, this concern comes from his own personal experiences.
Starting with the first edition of his book in 1946, Dr. Spock always recommended meat and milk products as part of a child's diet. Dr. Spock's revisions of what had been his m…