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Lizzy Caplan talks about "Masters of Sex" to Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune's just interviewed Lizzy Caplan and managed to ask her about "Masters of Sex," the upcoming "Showtime" project. I just hope the Tribune remembers how nice they were to this book. TRIBUNE'S REDYE: A lot of people are interested in Showtime’s “Masters of Sex” coming up, in which you play renowned researcher Virginia Johnson. What do you think society would be like without the research she and William Masters (Michael Sheen) contributed? There’s two ways of thinking about it. On the one hand, I think that it would be radically different because they created a ripple effect that we’re still seeing today. They changed the public’s view of sexuality. It was totally them doing that. People weren’t using sex to sell things really before them. All of the changes that we see now—a woman’s magazine was about cooking and cleaning, it wasn’t about like how many orgasms can you have. It just wasn’t. And while I think the culture was chan…