Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chicago Tribune Picks "Masters of Sex" as one of its "Favorite Non-Fiction Books of 2009"!

The Chicago Tribune has selected "Masters of Sex" as one its favorite non-fiction books of 2009. Sorry to be a wiseacre, but I can't help thinking -- 'Finally, a pleasant surprise from Sam Zell!' This little diddy about sex researchers Masters and Johnson joins other top books of the year by authors such as Tracy Kidder, Dave Eggers, Mary Karr, Christopher Buckley, Ken Auletta, Taylor Branch, Kati Marton, Frank Bruni and my former Newsday colleague D.D. Guttenplan with his superb bio of I.F. Stone. Last summer, I was invited to the Trib's annual Printers Row Book Fair and really enjoyed myself. For a guy who used to work for the Sun-Times, it was very nice to be treated so nicely by the Trib!

Before the Paperback, there's the Apps!

My new book, "Masters of Sex" is now available as an Apps for your IPhone etc. It was nice to see, and it looks like it will beat the paperback version of the book coming out this summer.
I looked down the list of authors offered on Apps by the same publisher, including favorites like David McCullough, Don DeLillo and Malcolm Gladwell. But I particularly was amused by the App version of works by Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe and Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary."
I wonder what they would think of being read on a Kindle or an IPhone! I'm sure Madame Bovary would have had one in her purse!