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VIDEO: Facing Bigotry, JFK Directly Deals with Catholic Religion Issue in 1960, Will Obama Bring Up Race In the Same Way?

Comparison of race in 2008 and religion in 1960 is at the heart of the new preface to my re-issued book "The Kennedys; America's Emerald Kings", contrasting the campaign of President John F. Kennedy to current Democratic standard-bearer Barack Obama. Kennedy was well aware that bigotry towards Roman Catholics had help defeat the 1928 presidential bid of then-New York Gov. Alfred E. Smith, and Kennedy adroitedly addressed the issue several times during the campaign.

In his acceptance speech at the 1960 Democratic Convention, as this video show, Kennedy was frank about the relgious bigotry he faced:
"I am fully aware of the fact that the Democratic Party, by nominating someone of my faith, had taken on what many regard as a new and hazardous risk -- new at least since 1928. The Democratic Party has once again place its faith in the American people, and in their ability to render a free and fair judgment.'
"I hope that no American, considering the really critica…