Tina Brown and Anna Wintour -- Still Conde Nasties with Each Other?

It's amusing to see those two old Anglophiles -- Tina Brown and Anna Wintour -- still fighting it out for public attention, at least according to the Gawker. (I love pronouncing 'Gawker' with my Long Island accent). A decade ago, I interviewed Tina Brown for my 1994 award-winning book "Newhouse" over breakfast at her favorite booth at "44" inside the Royalton Hotel. She was aware that my book would be the first to tell the story of her mercurial rise in the Newhouse empire, creating the modern-day Vanity Fair when all seemed lost for poor Si.
During my research, Wintour had the usual Conde Nast cone of silence in place when I knocked on her door for an interview, so I'm partial to Brown for her willngness to talk. (Hey, now there's a name for a new mag -- TALK!) For all her ups and down, Brown remains a talented editor/journalist/columnist/author and maybe even a website aggregator. Contrary to what Radar says, there's no comparison to someone like Peggy Noonan, the "new Tina Brown"?
Apparently, Tina is working on a new bio on Hillary Clinton and talked about it on The View.