"The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings" Re-Issued with New Warner Docu & Oliver Stone's "JFK"; New Preface Examines Obama, Ted and JFK's legacy in '08

My newly-reissued book, "The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings" has just been released this month and is the basis for a new two-hour Warner documentary with the same name that will be released this fall along with Oliver Stone's "JFK" (see today's Warner PR announcement below).
In the newly-reissued book, a new preface examines the impact of the Kennedys on the 2008 presidential race, Ted Kennedy's illness and his lasting 'A Nation of Immgirants' legacy, and particularly how Sen. Obama faces many of the same challenges as did JFK in the 1960 race as presidential candidates from a minority background.

Oliver Stone's JFK Ultimate Collector's Edition Available November 11 from Warner Home Video

BURBANK, Calif.--(Business Wire)--
The controversial highly-charged story surrounding John F.
Kennedy's assassination is revisited with the November 11 release of
Oliver Stone's JFK as a Three-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition from
Warner Home Video. The UCE will feature The Kennedys: America's
Emerald Kings, an extraordinary new documentary from filmmaker Robert
Kline based on Thomas Maier's acclaimed book about five generations of
the renowned political family. Unique to the documentary is political
and private footage of the Kennedys not widely available to the
general public. The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings documentary will
be premiered on November 10th at Boston College and also screened on
November 12th at Fordham University/Lincoln Center. Both universities
have the largest Irish studies programs in the country.

The JFK Three-Disc UCE includes the Two-Disc Special Edition
Director's Cut with 17 additional minutes not seen in theaters and the
documentary Beyond JFK: A Question of Conspiracy. It also contains
memorabilia from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Kennedy
Foundation, including reproductions of Kennedy family and presidential
photos, letters written by or to John F. Kennedy from J. Edgar Hoover,
Lyndon B. Johnson and more. The UCE also will include a Kennedy
campaign button from the National Archives and Records Administration.
Of particular distinction is the inclusion of John F. Kennedy's
historic inaugural address and a handwritten letter to his father,
Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.

In addition, the set features a collectible booklet containing
production photos and photo cards showcasing the actors in character
with a mini bio of their character. Additionally, the film will be
making its Blu-ray(TM) Hi-Def debut as the JFK Blu-ray(TM) Hi-Def,
featuring premium hardcover book packaging with press material and
photographs from the film.

Stone directed from a screenplay that he wrote with Zachary Sklar.
The all-star cast includes Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin
Bacon, Gary Oldman, Jack Lemmon, Laurie Metcalf, Sissy Spacek, Joe
Pesci, John Candy, Walter Matthau, Sally Kirkland, Donald Sutherland
and Edward Asner.

The JFK Ultimate Collector's Edition will sell for $39.98 SRP; the
JFK Blu-ray(TM) Hi-Def for $34.99 SRP and The Kennedys: America's
Emerald Kings, available separately, for $19.97 SRP.

About The Documentary

The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings is an American saga about
the Irish Catholic experience. It encompasses five generations of the
Kennedys' and Fitzgeralds' lives -- starting from 1848 in Wexford,
Ireland and ending in 21st-century America. The film was adapted from
Thomas Maier's highly acclaimed book The Kennedys: America's Emerald
Kings from Basic Books, re-released in July 2008. The documentary
provides a look at both the family's tragedies of poverty and
political oppression and their successes and the triumphs of the White
House years. It embodies the most complete work on this Irish American
family and their unique place in American history and culture.

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