Obama May Not Laugh, But Some Newhouses Who Own The New Yorker Are Democrat Fans

OK, so maybe not everybody got the joke with The New Yorker cover. We at this blog (we're speaking in the Charlie Rose third-person voice again) -- happened to be atitter over the cartoon of Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle. Maybe years ago, when Conde Nast chairman Si Newhouse's best friend, Roy Cohn, was alive, we might have thought this was all a political dirty trick. But these days, Si and his brother Donald remain agnostically in the background, while magazines cater to more than their fair share of liberals. And it's not like the Newhouses, whose family-owned company Advance Publications runs The New Yorker, are against the Democrats. Campaign records show that Wynn Newhouse, the son of chairman, has given a few thousand to the Democratic National Committee, and apparently Lorry Newhouse, another-in-law, also gave some dough.
As that famous philosopher Bette Midler says in the current issue of Vanity Fair, another Newhouse publication, "I say f-- 'em if they can't take a joke!"