Can Catholics Support Obama? Former Romney Aide Invokes JFK in Now Supporting Barack Obama with New Book and Shows Up at Dem Confab to Hawk it

This rather provocative segment on CNN "Can Catholics Support Obama" asks a very ironic question. After all, one Dem prez candidate was defeated amidst strong bigotry against his Catholic faith (Al Smith in 1928) and another Dem candidate (John F. Kennedy) fought hard to overcome religious bigotry which made his Catholicism the top issue of the 1960 campaign.
So why would Roman Catholics not support Obama if they were in agreement with most of his political views? (Check out the Obama complaints leveled by Catholic League's William Donohue.)
I discuss this a great deal in my newly re-issued book The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings, with a new preface about the Kennedys impact on the 2008 race.