Is Joe Biden the New LBJ? Can Sen. Biden Do for Obama What Lyndon Johnson Did for JFK? Media Compares Kennedy's 1960 VP Choice to Obama's 2008 Bid(en)

Is Sen. Joe Biden the new Lyndon Johnson? We've read plenty of comparisons of Barack Obama to John F. Kennedy and JFK's successful 1960 bid for the presidency. But now the comparisons extend to the VP choice as well. As this photo of JFK and Johnson shows (as Kennedy tries to restraint LBJ from yelling at a heckler), it's not always easy to control a motor-mouth running mate.
Can the Delaware Democrat, with his appeal to white middle-class Catholic voter, help Barack Obama stem the tide of Hillary Democrats willing to cross over and vote for John McCain instead? Some of the Dem consultants think so:
"He's passionate, he's articulate and he's persuasive," said Democratic consultant Steve McMahon, among those who consider Biden Obama's smartest pick. "I think he would do for Senator Obama what Lyndon Johnson did for John Kennedy. He's got serious foreign policy experience, a long and distinguished Senate resume and he is one of the most effective surrogates that Senator Obama has right now who can go toe-to-toe with any Republican on any issue at any time."