Sweet and Sour Caroline: Is NY the new battle scene between Obama and Hillary loyalists? See Video and Analysis

So are we going to see a little skirmish between the Obama crowd and the Hillary loyalists over her soon-to-be departed Senate seat? Can Caroline Kennedy be denied?
Mmmm, it seems unlikely, no matter how unfair or inappropriate, that JFK's only daughter will be stopped in her desire to become the next U.S. Senator from New York. There's a scene in the new documentary "The Kennedys: America's Emerald Kings," where Caroline's uncle, Robert F. Kennedy, addressed some of the same kind of carpetbagger charges in his 1964 race against Republican incumbent Kenneth Keating.

What's deeply ironic here is that Caroline Kennedy was an early and prominent support for Sen. Barack Obama -- which helped to convince her uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, to do the same. It was a big blow to Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidential nomination. I wonder if Hillary had won the presidency, would Caroline Kennedy still be in line for this job?