Saturday, July 4, 2009

In China, it's "Love Guru" instead of "Masters of Sex." Is this Another Example of Communist Censorship? Mr. Publisher, Tear down That Wall!

Here's the Chinese translation from a review in about my bio "Masters of Sex" which has been renamed "Love Guru" for the Chinese. I hope the local phrase sounds better than it does to these ears here in New York. Thanks for the Google translation, here's what the story says...

After Kinsey's sexology By Master hippie movement just to the beginning of 1966, the United States appeared in a book "of human sexual response" (Human Sexual Response). Report this sex accumulated more than 10 years of observational study, immediately after the introduction of which caused a sensation comparable to a 1948 article, "The Kinsey Report," released at the event. "Human sexual response," the author is William obstetricians.麦斯特斯(William Masters) and his assistant维吉妮亚.Johnson (Virginia Johnson), a diploma is not even the first singer. Just published by the end of June in "Love Guru" (Masters of Sex) to say that these two "how to teach Americans to love the partner," the life and legacy. Thomas by the reporter of this.Mel (Thomas Maier) biography authored, in addition to research and explain their love life, but also expose a lot of sex related anecdotes. For example, Kinsey is the use of questionnaires to obtain information, but Johnson麦斯特斯and field observations have sex, who were covered in a variety of sensors, but also make sexual intercourse in the first internal photos of women. In order for works to be taken seriously, who blocked the mouth Wei Road, "the human sexual response" in terms of academic science was almost a bit ridiculous, but this classic is the most revolutionary discovery is: sex is more like women than men athletes, not only able to climax several times, but when masturbationWill enjoy a stronger pleasure. Poor men had no choice but to get some make up from this point: as in the past, that masturbation is not as unhealthy. Johnson麦斯特斯and become famous overnight, and then a book is also a 1970, also boarded the "Time" magazine cover. However, later research by the client from bad to worse: in 1979 the "homosexual observation" (Homosexuality in Perspective) that homosexuality can be treated; in 1988 the "crisis" (Crisis: Heterosexual Behavior in the Age of AIDS) is also that the Government has successfully prevent AIDS, was approved critics as "the classic book of terror