The Price of Art Dept: Brad Pitt as Dr. Masters? Angelina Jolie as Virginia? Hey, What's a Bald Cranium Among Friends, Right?

I was recently asked who would I like to see as Masters and Johnson if they made a rendition of my biography, "Masters of Sex", for the big screen (actually, my 42-inch HDTV screen, to be exact). Of course, Bill Masters and Virginia Johnson are one of the most fascinating American couples of our times, so naturally I thought Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The drama around their lives is nothing compared to the long-running partnership and marriage of Masters and Johnson. Of course, Pitt and Jolie might command top dollar for such a production. But I read in Vanity Fair's cover story on Jolie that she and Brad were looking for a project that they could both work on together. Well, voila! How's that for a short commute?
Contracts, agents, the paparazzi, they all are surely factors if Angelina and Brad became the "Masters of Sex" portrayed in my book, a kind of real-life version of the Pygmalion tale. The biggest obstacle might be the need for Pitt to shave his head bald, a la Dr. Masters. It gets awfully chilly in that lab without hair. But what price art, say I?