Romance Novels Can't Beat Non-Fiction With This Biography; Kindle Readers Here's the Best book for your E-Book, Nook, iPad and iTune App!

The New York Times reports that Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other e-books are the hot new place for romance novels. Well, of course, this website immediately took note. An even better book for the discreet Kindle reader is the Kindle version of "Masters of Sex", the biography of Masters and Johnson that proves truth is even more interesting than fiction! You can also buy the App for this book!
Here's what the Times said about this new trend:

If the e-reader is the digital equivalent of the brown-paper wrapper, the romance reader is a little like the Asian carp: insatiable and unstoppable. Together, it turns out, they are a perfect couple. Romance is now the fastest-growing segment of the e-reading market, ahead of general fiction, mystery and science fiction, according to data from Bowker, a research organization for the publishing industry.
Publishers and retailers, spying an opportunity, have begun pursuing in earnest those enthusiastic romance readers who have abandoned print for digital. “Romance,” said Matthew Shear, the executive vice president and publisher of St. Martin’s Press, which releases 40 to 50 romance novels each year, is “becoming as popular in e-books as it is in the print editions.”