John Madden tells about "raw" experience filming "Masters of Sex" pilot in New York and Long Island

    Director John Madden is interviewed and asked about "Masters of Sex" and tells about his "raw" experience.

New York -- the scene for "Masters of Sex" pilot

You just shot a pilot here in New York — Masters of Sex with Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen. How did that go?
I've never shot in New York before, and I was really relishing that opportunity, but we ended up only shooting one scene in Manhattan, at the Union Theological Seminary, which is part of Columbia, because a huge amount of the story takes place at a hospital. We found this decommissioned hospital out in Queens, a former tubercular hospital, and we built a set there. We knocked down one floor and rebuilt it. And we had a bunch of shooting on Long Island. So it wasn't the kind of raw New York experience I had hoped to have. But the show is certainly raw, in another way! [Laughs.]