Somewhere Between "House" and "Mad Men" Is 'Masters of Sex"

   Here's an article from USA Today's Susan Wloszczyna based on an interview with the charming and wonderfully talented director John Madden. I agree with John that while 'Masters' begins in the 1950s, it's really an eternal story about what makes men and women tick. Stay tuned...

Imagine Mad Men but with even more hanky panky.
Michael Sheen is ready to go!
That is what might be heading to Showtime soon if the cable channel picks up the pilot to Masters of Sex, starring Michael Sheen (Twilight, Frost/Nixon) and Lizzy Caplan (127 Hours, TV's New Girl) as '60s human sexuality researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
John Madden, the British director behind Shakespeare in Love and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (which opens Friday), shot the show in and around New York City.
"You couldn't do this on regular TV," he says. "It is somewhere between House and Mad Men. It has the period feel, but mainly the pair have such an extraordinary journey and it's their exciting relationship that is the heart of the story. "
He says of his cast, "Michael is amazing and Lizzy is in a very different role than what she has played before. Caitlin Fitzgerald is Masters' wife. And Beau Bridges plays the chancellor of the university where they started doing their work. "
So what Mad Men is to advertising, Masters of Sex is to, well, sex? "It absolutely is," Madden assures. "It is very interesting when you are setting up a world and you don't obviously know yet whether it will get picked up. But I think it will."