Director John Madden Talks About "Masters of Sex" And Suggests "A Long Life" for the Project

Director John Madden recently talked about the making of "Masters of Sex" for Showtime and his hopes for the project based the book.

Here's a snippet from the interview.

Is it exciting to also have Masters of Sex picked up to series at Showtime?
MADDEN:  I loved [making the pilot].  I’m very involved in it.  It’s a very interesting world, it’s a very cool story, and it unleashes all kinds of things that you don’t normally see dealt with or questioned.  It was a fantastic script.  I loved doing it.  I’m thrilled it’s been picked up.  I think it will have a long life.  And I will remain very centrally involved in it, I hope. 
As a producer, or are you looking to direct more episodes?
MADDEN:  Well, certainly as an executive producer, and quite possibly to direct it.  It’s just that the first phase of production probably coincides with a movie that I’m supposed to do.  But, I’ll definitely come back to it.