"Secrets of the Masters" Profile by ICIJ: 'Never Forget You Have Only One Boss: the Truth'

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists featured a Q&A with me about my career as a Newsday investigative reporter and the author of four books, including "Masters of Sex" that is being made into a Showtime series. Here's one of the questions: What do you consider some of the most important lessons you have learned over the years?
-Uncovering is better than covering. Keep everything on the record. Slowly spell out the names of interviewees and repeat it to them so it’s absolutely correct. -Cogitate, ruminate and revise. Clear writing is the result of clear thinking. -Be as hospitable and friendly as possible to the targets of your investigation. Create an atmosphere where they are most comfortable revealing the truth as they see it. -Remember that wanting to be understood is one of the deepest, most misunderstood of human desires. Make the most of it as a writer. -Use wit and humor to keep your audience’s attention (America’s newspapers truly are awful at this) and leave open the door for redemption with even your worst sinners. -Never sell out. Find a loved one who understands why journalism is priceless.