Showtime's "Masters of Sex" Going Ultra HD. Sony Films TV Series in New High-Tech Method. Will the E-Book Soon Be in Ultra Too?

"Masters of Sex"
is going Ultra. Sony is filming the series in the new high-tech Ultra HD 4K TV method that is increasingly part of the new market in high-end televisions. Here's the scoop: "The effort is being undertaken by Sony’s Colorworks digital intermediate facility, which has just opened a new post-production studio aimed at supplying hungry ultra high-definition (UHD) viewers with content. The new facility, which we first heard about last month, plans to offer post-production services for movies and shows recorded in 4K, as well as remastering services for older media. Among the shows that viewers can look forward to in the coming months are hit American series Show Me, due to air on NBC this spring, and Masters of Sex which will screen on Showtime later this year. In addition, Sony said that it has plans to remaster five seasons of Breaking Bad, plus dozens of movie classics like Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters and On The Waterfront. The launch of Colorwork’s new 4K post-production facility shows that Sony is getting serious about 4K TV as it looks for a way to hit back against Samsung and LG’s dominance of HDTV markets. In addition to the new facility, Sony is also rumoured to be planning a 4K-capable PlayStation console which would give consumers even more reason to buy its new TVs."