Old Friends with New Achievements: Familiar Faces from NY Newsday Still Out There Making News

It's always fun hearing about the achievements of old friends from Newsday.

Medical writer Laurie Garrett, who won the Pulitzer at Newsday in 1996, is now at the Council of Foreign Relations. She just released this video with a new paper about concerns surrounding dual use research and questions about synthetic biology.

 This isn't her only video, of course! Showing her generous loyalty as a friend, Laurie played MC at my 2009 book party for "Masters of Sex" along with writer Gay Talese and Dr. Robert Kolodny.

And in June at the National Press Club, I sat with old friend NYT columnist Jim Dwyer who won this year's Sigma Delta Chi prize for his superb writings. I was there with my News 12 colleague Pat Dolan as we picked up the Sigma Delta prize for online multimedia investigations as part of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists team effort looking at the worldwide trade in human body parts.

That old New York Newsday staff was a pretty talented crew and they're still making news!