Best New Drama for Fall 2014? "Masters of Sex" is Looking Good, Say TV Critics in HuffPo Round-up.

    "Masters of Sex" is trying to be more cinematic, more like a serialized movie, than just about any drama seen before on television. It's a high-wire act that could easily backfire, a show dismissed purely as titillation. But like my book on which it is based, the ambitions for this show are much more substantive than some may realize.
    Thanks to Michelle Ashford, Sarah Timberman, John Madden and the show's wonderful cast and crew -- particularly stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan -- the critics seem to agree that "Masters of Sex" will be one of the best new dramas of the year. The HuffPos asked 19 of the top US critics and they put "Masters of Sex" at the top of the list.  Here's a sampling:

"It's smart. It's serious. It's not snickering about the origin of Masters and Johnson's sex study. Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are terrific in it. It doesn't feel like every other drama on cable," says Alan Sepinwall, HitFlix.

"It's a real change-up for cable drama, which has lately been in a stale 'anti-hero' rut. It ["Masters of Sex"] -- is about the dynamics between people rather than one troubled brooding star with a baseball bat." -- James Poniewozik, Time magazine.

"The better period dramas all tell us something about the period that we had no idea about. And I really had no idea of what Masters and Johnson were up to -- I would have been so much more interested (lol)." -- Ellen Gray, Philadelphia Daily News.

"Honestly, the best new drama is probably "Masters of Sex" on Showtime."-- Dan Fienberg from HitFlix.