Buzz, Buzz and More Buzz for "Masters of Sex": All Good! Four Things to Know and More

"Masters of Sex" is off to a great start in the early reviews and press previews. Be sure to read the book before the series starts Sept. 29! 

From IMDB editors: "Widely touted as the best series of the new fall series, and right so, "Masters of Sex" feels fresh, fearless and raw -- but not for the reasons the title suggests. Rather, the initial episodes hint that the most interesting aspect of this drama will be its exploration of psychological intimacy rather than titillating carnality. Sheen's Masters is a cold fish whose desire to embark on such controversial studies is born more out of a need to comprehend human connection. And while Kaplan's Virginia Johnson is a strong, sympathetic figure in her own right, the scenes that show off the awkward beginnings of their relationship's long (and at times painful) tango make us hope that Showtime commits to this for the long haul. Lastly, if you were a "Party Down" fan, you already know how talented Kaplan is. Here's hoping this becomes her big breakout role."

The LA Weekly's Amy Nicolson writes: "Stop and sink into the first couple episodes and you'll see it's a smart, cold and cutting dissection of attraction and ambition with a unique sense of humor."

Las Vegas Weekly  call "Masters of Sex: "A show that balances humor with historical insight and character development. Much less intense than the typical Showtime series, Masters avoids typical biopic pitfalls in favor of a relaxed pace and a refreshingly up-front attitude about sexuality."

The Week says: "No show has really dedicated itself to exploring the complexity of human sexuality. The story of Masters and Johnson's controversial sex research is a genuinely fascinating one, and the show has two stellar lead actors in Sheen and Caplan. If Masters of Sex lives up to the promise of its very strong premiere episode, Showtime finally has a series that can stand up alongside Homeland — or even surpass it. "

Rolling Stone"13 TV Shows to Watch This Fall"

From the MSN Entertainment team: "You know how two years ago, everyone was talking about a little Showtime show called Homeland? And then last year it was all "blah, blah, have you seen that new FX show The Americans with that girl from Felicity?" THIS is the drama that will cultivate that buzz this fall. You've been given a head's up, so don't be the last to watch it. ...So in addition to showing the duos contribution to the scientific community (and the backlash it caused), the series will also track Masters and Johnson's personal stories. It's a gold mine of tales to tell - and I look forward to every second of it."

Writer and Exec Producer Michelle Ashford with Exec Producer Sarah Timberman

The Latin Times had this to say: 
Here are four things to know about "Masters of Sex": (1) The series is an adaptation of Thomas Maier's book, "Masters of Sex: The Life and Times of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, The Couple Who Taught America How To Love" which was first published in 2009 (2) The pilot of the show was directed and executive produced by John Madden, an Academy Award nominee. (3) Other stars of the series include: Caitlin Fitzgerald (It's Complicated), Nicholas D'Agosto (Heroes) and Teddy Sears (American Horror Story), Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale. (4) In real life, it wasn't until Maier's book that the work of Masters and Johnson was uncovered.