The Long and Short of It: All Tonight's Twitter Comments about Scenes from the Book Used in the "Masters of Sex" Pilot and Huge Thanks for Making It All Happen

Here's all my Twitter comments from tonight's premiere of "Masters of Sex" and where you can find the scenes from my biography that helped inform the dramatic series on Showtime. As you can see below, the exec producers went to great lengths to use my book as a wellspring of ideas. I am very grateful and very humbled to see the book take on a new and wonderful dramatic life of its own. Congratulations to Michelle, Sarah, John, Michael, Lizzy and everyone associated with this terrific ground-breaking dramatic production, and many thanks for showing so much respect to my book and kindness to me and my family.

  1. n  How the Book was turned into the Showtime series. #mastersofsex

    n  Inside Book: Drama is very true to life, using book as wellspring of ideas. Read non-fiction MOS for more. #mastersofsex

    n  Did you ever see Metacritic? So far Masters has 25 reviews, and no "negative" ones. #mastersofsex

    n  InsideBook: Tonite, I’m sharing book info used in pilot drama & where to find pages. #mastersofsex

    n  “Masters of Sex” pub in April 09. NYT review prompts Sony to buy rights and pitch to Showtime as drama. #mastersofsex

    n  Inside book: Ep 1 portrays StL’s Wash U filmed on Long Island’s Gold Coast estate. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Virginia Johnson: born Mary Virginia Eshelman, first fell in love in Golden City, Mo. p. 7 #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Masters relied on prostitutes early in sex experiment, p. 75-81. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Prostitute tells Masters ‘you need a female partner’, p. 82. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Masters was warned about sex study’s risks, p. 66-68. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Sheen’s soliloquy about history of sex, p. 70-73. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Masters tells chief he needs prostitutes for sex study, p. 74. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Wash U chief “turned deathly pale” about sex study, p. 75. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Virginia gets job at Wash U med school. P. 87. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Book starts at early ages before WWI, but pilot begins in 1956, p. 76. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Bill and Libby Masters lived in suburbs, he known as fertility expert, p. 57. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Masters lived in LaDue, Mo, but filmed near author in Huntington, LI. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Libby Masters wants to be ‘good wife’, more on her, p. 61-65. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Fertility expert Bill’s low-sperm count was big secret kept from most, p. 60. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Bill and Libby used his lab techniques to try and become pregnant, p. 59-60. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Virginia’s early marriages and love life, before Masters, p. 3-29. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: View photos of real Masters and Johnson, p. 202-3. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Preface quotes Cole Porter: ‘What is this thing called love?” p. xi. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Scene with Masters saving woman’s life in surgery, helping younger associates. P. 47-48. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Scene with plexiglass phallus. “Keep your eye some distance,” warns Masters, “or you’ll get poked,” p. 95-101. #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Virginia loves working with Bill in afterhours study, p. 91-94, #mastersofsex

    n  Book: Virginia learns having sex with Bill was part of her job, p. 126-28. #mastersofsex

    n  That’s all the tweeting for me tonite. Be sure to read the book if you like the show! #mastersofsex