Sunday, October 6, 2013

Read All About TV's "Masters of Sex": Tweets Tonight about Episode 2: Race To Space; Books Now In Spanish, Check Out NYers review.

Synergistic bliss: A happy TV watcher knows a lot more by reading "Masters of Sex" in advance!

EPISODE TWO: Race To Space.

n  Book: Pilot was filmed in NY in 2012, but Ep2 filmed at Sony studio in LA. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Virginia’s life as a single parent with 2 kids, p. 22.-27.

n   Book: Virginia deeply upset about having sex with Bill as part of her job, p. 126-28. #mastersofsex

n  Book: The names of Virgina’s two kids names are changed in this series, p. 25-26. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Dr. Masters’ battles to get sex study launch at Wash U, p. 66-75. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Masters played college football, p. 36, but Michael Sheen loves soccer, quite a futbol fan! #mastersofsex

n  Book: Libby Masters’s attempts to become pregnant, p. 57-65.

n  Book: Bill and Libby Masters lived in suburbs, he known as fertility expert, p. 57. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Masters lived in LaDue, Mo, but filmed near author in Huntington, LI. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Libby Masters wants to be ‘good wife’, more on her, p. 61-65. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Fertility expert Bill’s low-sperm count was big secret kept from most, p. 60. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Bill and Libby used his lab techniques to try and become pregnant, p. 59-60. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Virginia’s early marriages and love life, before Masters, p. 3-29. #mastersofsex

n  Book: View photos of real Masters and Johnson, p. 202-3. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Ethan Haas character inspired by real-life associates of Dr. Masters, p. 50-52. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Masters early study relied on prostitutes until Virginia arrived. p. 76-81, #mastersofsex

n  Book: Masters friendship with police chief detailed, p. 76-77. #mastersofsex

n  Book: “Masters of Sex” now in Spanish, Amazon bio bestseller. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Libby discomfort about Bill’s explosive sex study. p. 65. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Beau Bridges character based on Wash U chief, p. 66-70. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Virginia’s problem with balancing home and work, p. 25-26, #mastersofsex

n  Book: Why did Masters and Johnson first reply on prostitutes, p. 77-81. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Bill and Libby Masters’ marriage difficulties trying to get pregnant, p. 59-61. #mastersofsex

n  Book: Amazing how TV creator Michelle Ashford used book info to recreate M&J world, p. 85. #mastersofsex

n  Book: This episode went back a little from pilot to explain more about early sex study, p. 48-55. #mastersofsex

n  Book: ‘Masters’ premiered this week in London and all UK. Brazil, France, Egypt, Israel, more. #mastersofsex

n  Book: ‘Masters’ love brings peace to Middle East? Seen in Israel and Egypt. #mastersofsex

n  Book: The New Yorker raves for ‘Masters’ including ‘lively’ book. #mastersofsex

n  That’s all the tweeting for me tonite. Be sure to read the book if you like the show! #mastersofsex

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