Premiere Party Photos: Maier Clan On The Town, Celebrating Showtime's "Masters of Sex", Parties Hearty Until The After-Party Party

 Here's the long-awaited photos from the "Masters of Sex" premiere party held at the Morgan Library in New York City on Thursday September 26, 2013. There were more than 250 guests assembled for the festivities. But of course, the Maier clan acted like we owned the joint and were the only ones who mattered. (well, that's true, isn't it?) Thank heavens, the stars of this wonderful brand-new Showtime series were very gracious and didn't throw us out! Only the Maier boys got invited to Lizzy's after-party party. Alas, the author didn't make the cut. Oh well, maybe Season 2!

On The Pitch: Michael Sheen and Andrew, Reade and Taylor Maier: A Great Crew, Better Futbol Players
Out of Central Casting: Teddy Sears with Joyce P. McGurrin, and  Reade and Taylor Maier
High Comedy: Nick Kroll with Andrew, Taylor and Reade Maier. Drew flew in from London for the event, haha! 

Goodie Bag Gifts: Teddy Sears
Hangs Out with the Gang
Sign Here: Lizzy Caplan autographs a note
for my sister saying she's glad my niece liked "Mean Girls"
Now, that's REALLY nice, Lizzy! 

Taylor Maier Acts Like He's Showtime Chieftain
Reade Maier contemplates his next world
to conquer

Ready To Party: The Maier Clan At the "Masters of Sex" Premiere Party
Held at the Morgan Library Sept. 26, 2013: Andrew, Taylor, Thomas, Joyce and Reade Maier

Autograph Hunters:
Joyce with my sister Diane and her husband Ken.