Ready, Set, Film! Season 2 of "Masters of Sex" Starts This Month: Actor Michael Sheen Says First Few Episodes He's Read are "Terrific."

So far from what he's seen in the scripts, actor Michael Sheen says the second season of "Masters of Sex" looks like a winner and begins filming in two weeks. "It really takes things even further," he says of the early episodes he's read for Season 2. "It's really exciting." A Golden Globe nominee for Season 1, Sheen said he was pleased by the critical acclaim and praise from passersby who tell him how much they like show. "That's all you want as an actor really," he said. (See "Masters of Sex" comments starting at 1:12 on this tape).

Listen to Lizzy Caplan here talk about the show and about listening to the tape I sent her from some of my interviews with the real Virginia Johnson (around 18:00 on this video).