A New Season With Punch: Glimpse of Season 2 for "Masters of Sex", which debuts July 13 right after "Ray Donovan"; Did you READ The Book Yet So You Can Study Up on The TV Drama?

Showtime just released this glimpse of Season 2 from "Masters of Sex", which includes a new stylish look to Lizzy Caplan's hair as Virginia and Michael Sheen in old-style workout sweats as Dr. Masters,  out for an early morning jog before his medical rounds, just as described in the book. It's nice to see our old friends again, a few months after their Golden Globe-nominated first season.
  Please pick up the biography NOW and be ready for Season 2.  I don't believe in spoiler alerts so I've recommended that fans of the show read the book. Many fans on social media refer to it, suggesting that reading the text in advance often adds to their pleasure with the show. I've had the same experience in a way. Often I find myself completely surprised by what I see on the TV screen even when the series portrays scenes directly from the book. Showrunner Michelle Ashford's adaptation is very faithful in spirit and tone to my portrayal of Masters and Johnson, and many of the exact details of their life and work. But I always feels a freshness to what I see and a constant delight, because I believe Michelle has turned this drama into her own work of art.