Lizzy Read The Book Not Once But TWICE: It Ain't Homework, It's Fun! The Whole Cast Talks About Season Two

Lizzy Caplan really knows her stuff. Not only is she a great actress and lots of fun to be around, she's also a literary buff, at least when it comes to reading "Masters of Sex". There's plenty to absorb and consider if you re-read the book, I promise. Here's what the Hollywood Reporter said today:

Reading The Book
The creators expressed their gratitude for the biography of the two sex research pioneers by Thomas Maier, as it provided much of the necessary research for them ahead of time. When asked if she read the book beforehand, Caplan deadpanned, "I don't read, Michael?" to which star Michael Sheen confirmed he did: "If you're going to play a real person, you have a duty to read a little about them." In a more sincere moment, Caplan later admitted to reading Maier's work, not once but twice.