Real-Life Masters and Johnson Come to Life! On July 9, Life.Com will offer several photos of the sex researcher as well an an original essay adapted from my book

The real Masters and Johnson are coming to Life. 
   On July 9, plans to run a photo essay featuring the magazine's original 1960s pictures of the real-life researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson -- including several previously-unpublished candid photos of the two never seen before.
    These Life photos were taken for a 1966 feature published just as Masters and Johnson became famous. I'm writing an original 1,200-word essay to go with these photos. It talks about Masters and Johnson as portrayed in my book and, of course, our wonderful Showtime series created by Michelle Ashford. 

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This time last year, when Virginia Johnson passed away at age 88, I spoke with CBS News about her legacy. It would be only a few weeks before the Showtimes series debuted. Here's the segment introduced by Charlie Rose.