What Nucky Didn't Know: WHEN LIONS ROAR Reveals Real-Life Secrets Behind Boardwalk Empire's Fictional Joe Kennedy And His British Liquor Deal

A fictional Joe Kennedy in BOARDWALK EMPIRE this year coincides nicely with the real-life revelations about Joe Kennedy and his secret liquor deal contained in my new book "WHEN LIONS ROAR: The Churchills and the Kennedys", published Oct. 28 by Crown.
WHEN LIONS ROAR is my latest book since MASTERS OF SEX, which became the basis for the Showtime series.
I was very amused and delighted when I saw BOARDWALK featuring "Joe Kennedy" in its final season. The HBO show mentions Kennedy's British liquor deal, so much at the heart of the relationship between the Churchills and Kennedys in WHEN LIONS ROAR. There's plenty more behind the real story revealed in my new book.
Maybe Nucky Thompson should read WHEN LIONS ROAR to find out more about Joe Kennedy's liquor deals!