Is the Kennedy-Roosevelt-Churchill liquor Deal one of History's great political mysteries? Read WHEN LIONS ROAR To Find Out

      Did Joe Kennedy offer a bribe, a gratuity or just a friendly stock tip to Winston Churchill in gaining a 1933 British liquor deal at the end of Prohibition with the help of President Roosevelt's son Jimmy? Why didn't we know about this secret deal that involved two presidential families and the future British Prime Minister?

     In Sunday's Washington Post review of WHEN LIONS ROAR: The Churchills and the Kennedys by Thomas Maier (Crown), historian Douglas Brinkley writes:
 "Churchill obtained a lucrative portion of stock in two U.S. companies associated with Kennedy in what reeks as influence-buying. This coincided with Kennedy's getting a post-Prohibition franchise to ship scotch and other liquor to the United States. Both Churchill and Kennedy come off as slippery businessmen, playing just within the legal margins."
JFK's personal items on display in Kennedy Presidential Museum
Read more in which has the whole story about this Kennedy-Roosevelt-Churchill liquor deal in this excerpt from WHEN LIONS ROAR: