USA Today Calls WHEN LIONS ROAR "a captivating chronicle'; Bookreporter calls it "A well-researched historical masterpiece" which makes news with London's DAILY MAIL and around the world

WHEN LIONS ROAR: The Churchills and the Kennedys is just out in hardcover from Random House's Crown and has gained worldwide attention and some outstanding reviews from the critics. 

1. CRITICAL ACCLAIM: This week, USA TODAY calls it "a captivating chronicle" shedding new light on this untold story between the two well-known families. As for character-driven drama, here's what America's biggest newspaper said:
WHEN LIONS ROAR is "a captivating chronicle of the surprisingly many ways that Winston Churchill and Joseph P. Kennedy (and their progeny) crossed paths (and swords) over the course of the 20th century...What Maier beautifully factors in is the effect of these struggles on the children. When Lions Roar zeroes in on Kennedy's eldest two boys – the doomed, fair-haired Joe, Jr., who echoed all of his father's repugnant views, and the invalid Jack, who ultimately escaped them – pointedly contrasting Kennedy's loving, dutiful, dominated scions with Churchill and his only son, the gifted, yet agonizingly self-destructive Randolph."

"A well-researched historical masterpiece," said, the industry website. "WHEN LIONS ROAR is a lengthy but masterful dual biography and a genuine tribute to the two families whose public and private lives became intertwined."

LIBRARY JOURNAL: "In this fascinating dual biography ... Maier delves into archives on both sides of the Atlantic to bring to his narrative an impressive grasp of the two clans and the rich array of personalities that interacted with them over the decades. This is a book that cannot be put down, and its wealth of details, smoothly told, will hold the reader's attention from beginning to end. An excellent work for all history collections, especially those devoted to 20th-century political history.”

2. BLOCKBUSTER FINDINGS: TIME magazine ran a big book excerpt revealing the secret deal of how Joe Kennedy enlisted the help of Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt's son to make a fortune selling British liquor in America as Prohibition ended in 1933.

3. WORLDWIDE REACTION: In London this weekend, The DAILY MAIL covered the story from my book about how an FBI memo says Churchill urged the US to drop the atomic bomb on the Kremlin during Cold War. That story has now made headlines around the world.

4. TV TIE-IN: Random House, as part of the promotion, even asked me to write how WHEN LIONS ROAR would be cast if made into a television series like Masters of Sex.

I hope you enjoy WHEN LIONS ROAR. It's got two wars, spying for the Nazis and at the Vatican, White political intrigue, ambitious families, plenty of sex among powerful men and women, shady business deals, and a memorable story about famous fathers and their sons.