Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Best TV of the Year? NYTimes, Variety, Rolling Stone and Others Call "Masters of Sex" one of TV's top programs in 2014: "Never Plays It Safe", says RS, a fitting tribute.

The New York Times, Variety, Rolling Stone include "MASTERS OF SEX" on their best of the year lists. In talking about the "Fight" episode from Season 2 this year, Rolling Stone said:
"The episode "Fight" sums up everything that makes Masters of Sex so devastating. The 1950s sex researchers — played by Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan — sneak off to a posh hotel, under fake names, for a little horizontal (and vertical) (plus diagonal) lab work. Strictly business, all in the name of science. But all the bedroom role-playing opens up the NSFW feelings they spend the rest of their lives ignoring. They expose the flesh under their bathrobes — as well as way too much of the pain under their flesh. An hour of erotic agony, from a drama that never plays it safe.

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