Is 'When Lions Roar' like 'Downtown Abbey'? The Buffalo News Thinks So and Calls the Book "A Terrific Read". Are Churchills & Kennedys Headed for BBC/PBS TV Berth? Calling Julian Fellowes!


What I have always maintained -- that When Lions Roar is comparable to TV's Downton Abbey -- has now been affirmed by the Buffalo News, the Warren Buffett-owned, take-it-to-the-bank newspaper in New York State! 
JFK at London party
After all, virtually everyone in my book about the Churchills and the Kennedy has either a British accent or a Boston/New England accent. Only the author has a New York accent. And both families in my book deal a lot with Lady Astor, Lord Beaverbrook and the Duke of Devonshire! 
Could we go from "Masters of Sex" on Showtime to "When Lions Roar" with another hit on TV? Mmmmm.....

"Thomas Maier tapped into the mother lode when he chose to wrap Winston Churchill and Joseph P. Kennedy, along with their families and extended circle of famous friends, into the same volume. 
Between those two giants – one, a national leader and world inspiration, the other, a perfidious self-made multimillionaire and father of a president – they met just about every important person in Europe and America during the cataclysmic years before, during and just after World War II.

And the twisted and convulsive lives of their numerous progeny, most of them strong-willed and fiercely independent, make the fictitious escapades of Downton Abbey look like Disney World.
Winston in his Tux

Author Maier, an investigative reporter for Newsday on Long Island and a successful biographer of characters like Masters and Johnson, Dr. Benjamin Spock and Sam Newhouse, has done a masterful job in this latest work, a decade-long effort, and his second book to deal with the Kennedys.
... Maier’s book is a near-perfect mix of politics, business, world chaos and bedroom gossip, and even the gossip is documented with the thoroughness of a master investigator. Needless to say, there is ample gossip spread over two generations to make all 650 pages of text sizzle. (Read the whole review by hitting this link).

Winston Churchills gets US honorary citizenship from Presidernt Kennedy
 with Randolph Churchill and Jackie Kennedy watching.