Perfect Gift for Father's Day: a Book about Fathers and Sons in Great Dynasties. Read about the Kennedy and Churchill Families. What Makes Greatness? Consider Winston Churchill and JFK and the People Surrounding Them. Reveals one of the great untold political scandals of the 20th Century -- I'll drink to that, Joe!

The paperback for WHEN LIONS ROAR is coming out in October with a big announcement. But for Father's Day on June 21, please consider the hardcover LIONS book about fathers and their sons, both great and not so much. The Washington Post review by Douglas Brinkley really underlines all that I was hoping achieve with this book. The book reveals one of the great political scandals of the 20th Century and in effect re-writes the history between these two dynasties. No less than that. Check it out. I hope you (and the fatherly-like figures in your life) get a chance to enjoy it.