"Masters of Sex" Touted on Manhattan Bus During CNBC's Squawk Box. Many thanks to Andrew Ross Sorkin For His Showtime Subliminal Message?

   In the first 5 seconds of this Squawk Box video, CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin presides over a subliminal message promoting Showtime's "Masters of Sex." No kidding! 
CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin Has "Masters of Sex" on His Mind, Sort of.

As Sorkin talks to Jim Cramer, we see a Manhattan transit bus roll by with a big ad for Masters of Sex emblazoned on its side. You can see it through the window behind Sorkin.
I was watching this morning and couldn't believe my eyes. I had just enjoyed Episode 2 of "Masters" last night. Could I still be dreaming?
Anyway, I thought it was very nice of Sorkin to promote "Masters" on the same Showtime network that will be showing his new drama series called "Billions" next year. 
Imho, it was a great moment of TV synergy, lol!