3 Prime-Time Emmy Noms for "Masters of Sex," 11 Emmy Noms in Total

Here we offer a few acting tips to Allison (only kidding!)
Congratulations to MASTERS OF SEX for 3 Prime-Time Emmy nominations today, including Outstanding Guest Actress for Allison Janney. That makes a total 11 Emmy nominations for Masters of Sex in the past three seasons (including best actress for Lizzy Caplan as well as a Golden Globe best drama nom). Season 4 starts this Sunday September 11 at 10 PM on Showtime. It's based on my book of the same title. (As a producer, I get to cheer for everyone and claim credit for everything whether I deserve it or not, lol!)

Also, I'm delighted to see that the limited series ROOTS also picked up an Emmy nom today. It was written by Mark Rosenthal and Larry Konner, who are putting the finishing touches on ALL THAT GLITTERS for Bravo. Glitters is based on my book, "Newhouse: All That Glitter, Power and Glory of America's Richest Media Empire and Secretive Man Behind It."