It's the Sixties and Seventies, Baby! Season 4 of Masters of Sex features more scenes from the book.

   The Showtime drama series MASTERS OF SEX is a real experiment in narrative story-telling on television. It has combined many characters and events from my non-fiction biography, along with some remarkable fictional creations by showrunner Michelle Ashford (most notably, the Emmy-winning turn by Allison Janney). Michelle and her writing team have done a wonderful job of adapting my book into a drama. 
    For this upcoming Season 4, Masters of Sex delves into many late 1960s scenes from my book, including the hilarious encounters of Masters and Johnson with Playboy's Hugh Hefner but also some deep Proustian remembrances of lost loves by poor Bill Masters with his beloved Dody. 
Lizzy Caplan and author Thomas Maier
on set of MASTERS OF SEX
(I watched some of Bill's ruminations about Dody being filmed last week when I visited the Hollywood lot where Season 4 is being filmed.) I think fans of my book will be very pleased with the new episodes of the show premiering Sunday September 11 on Showtime.
Michael Sheen and author Thomas Maier