A Long Island House is Home Base for Master Spy In MAFIA SPIES

 Not every Long Island home is a bastion of suburban tranquility.
This was once the Huntington, N.Y. residence of the man who launched an international conspiracy to kill a foreign leader, one that caused a crisis that almost led to World War III.
This deadly CIA scheme -- enlisting two top gangsters in what became America's first known state-sanctioned assassination attempt -- was kept secret for more than a decade.
This huge clandestine effort eventually involved hundreds of fighters trained in a hidden camp in Florida.
Millions of US taxpayer dollars were spent before they were through.
And it wasn't until 2007 that the CIA finally acknowledged that its former top spymaster Allen Dulles -- the owner this Long Island house in the 1950s and early 1960s -- was the mastermind behind this plot to kill Cuba's Fidel Castro
All of this is part of the crazy, twisted but absolutely true plot of MAFIA SPIES, which comes out April 2.