AOC 'Glitters' at Anna Wintour MET Gala with "Tax the Rich' Dress

 AOC might want to check out who she’s partying with. Tax the Rich? You mean like the Newhouses — the longtime employer of Anna Wintour— who managed to beat the IRS in a nearly $1 billion dispute during the 1980s over their taxes? Check out my book ALL THAT GLITTERS about Wintour and the Impact of the Newhouses on our media culture, enabling the rise of Donald Trump. In their tax battle against the IRS (which they won), the Newhouses managed to call upon then Australian immigrant Rupert Murdoch to testify on their behalf. And lawyer Roy Cohn, Si Newhouses best friend, gave advice how to dodge taxes writing for the Newhouse papers’ Parade magazine. “How to Beat the IRS” by Roy Cohn, appeared a few years before he was disbarred. All the details are in ALL THAT GLITTERS, the updated version of my award-winning 1994 book about the Newhouse media empire.